Smash Offers Free Vision and Hearing Services to Puget Sound Musicians

Seattle Musicians Access to Sustainable Healthcare (SMASH) is working with the Hearing, Speech and Deaf Center, Clear Hearing and Audiology, and Sight and Sound Care to provide free vision and hearing services to musicians in Puget Sound.

It is estimated that one in five adults, including musicians, have avoided health care since the start of the pandemic. Reconnecting with free health services in a safe environment can build healthy habits and build momentum for future care. SMASH’s pop-up Seeing & Hearing Clinic for Musicians will provide free vision screening, prescription and/or reading glasses, sunglasses, hearing screenings with education, and Etymotic high-fidelity universal hearing protection for musicians.

Musicians can be prepared to see and hear with free vision and hearing protection services:

August 20 & 21, 2021

Center for Hearing, Speech and the Deaf
1625 19th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122
Registration link:

The clinic is sponsored by:
Sonos, annual sponsor of SMASH
Center for Hearing, Speech and the Deaf
Clear Hearing Audiology
Vision and hearing care

“The pandemic has robbed so many musicians of our livelihoods over the past 18 months,” said SMASH President Ian Moore. “When you’re struggling to pay rent or feed your family, health care is often on the back burner. SMASH provides free medical support for musicians so they can get healthy and start earning a living again.”To qualify for free SMASH membership, Puget Sound musicians must be 18 years of age or older and earn an income at or below the King County median income. Musicians interested in SMASH membership can learn more at

Michael A. May