Renewing Hearing Aid Reviews – Real Support or Negative Complaints?

Renew hearing support is a supplement that helps users prevent hearing loss due to tinnitus with natural ingredients. The remedy is the work of a retired veteran who loves the effects of natural ingredients.

What is Renew Hearing Support?

Anyone with tinnitus has a battle that others don’t. While the constant ringing in their ears can range from mild to severe, the prolonged struggle is unlike any other pain. The lingering irritation of hours, days or even months of this problem can cause significant frustration, which is why many formulas seek to correct the problem and the damage. Rather than taking medicated ear drops, the creators of Renew Hearing Support say the real problem is brain inflammation.

The formula offered by Renew Hearing Support is the brainchild of David Anderson, a retired veteran with a passion for music and a passion for natural healing. When he struggled with tinnitus, he sought medical assistance, which led him to the ingredients that eventually became Renew Hearing Support.

How does Renew Hearing Support help?

With the supportive ingredients found in Renew Hearing Support, a long process is required for healing. The priority is to stop the inflammation – known as brain cell inflammation (BCI) – because that’s the real goal behind Renew Hearing Support’s fight against tinnitus. Inflammation destroys nerve cells while adding ingredients like rhodiola and ashwagandha make a significant difference.

Nerve cells can heal at a rapid rate to restore brain and nerve health. Once the tinnitus symptoms begin to subside, the inflammation is gone. Users will see their focus and cognition return to normal, restoring a younger brain. They also see an improvement in energy levels as inflammation decreases a few weeks after using Renew Hearing Support.

What ingredients make Renew Hearing Support useful?

To make Renew Hearing Support effective, it includes several ingredients. These ingredients are:

  • Rhodiola Rosea
  • Ashwagandha
  • Cap
  • Bacopa Monnieri
  • Magnolia
  • Valerian
  • oat straw

In addition to these supporting ingredients, Renew Hearing Support offers 21 other ingredients. Let’s take a look at how these ingredients can make a difference in tinnitus symptoms.

Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola Rosea, also known as beta-carotene, can improve mental focus. It reduces brain fog and maintains BCI balance. It has an incredible effect on the physical and psychological health of the user due to the reduction of stress and fatigue felt by the users. It improves mental performance and enhances resilience.


Ashwagandha is a known adaptogen, alleviating stress to promote better relaxation. Ashwagandha maintains the BCI balance, like all the other ingredients on the list. It fights inflammation throughout the body and helps users soothe their struggle with tinnitus.


Skullcap reduces inflammation throughout the body and improves the user’s memory. It provides amazing antioxidants and can prevent users from dealing with neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s disease or Parkinson’s disease. Although more research is needed, it’s possible that using a skullcap may help with food allergies.

Bacopa Monnieri

Bacopa Monnieri helps connect brain cells, repairing damaged ones. Also called water hyssop, it is so effective on brain function that it can help consumers with symptoms of ADHD, including stress and anxiety. It improves blood pressure levels and reduces the risk of cancer.


Magnolia is directly linked to tinnitus relief. It also improves energy and makes good sleep a little easier. It can help consumers who are dealing with complications associated with menopause, which is incredibly helpful for anyone who is stressed or anxious right now. It uses substantial antioxidants to effectively prevent oxidation and inflammation. Some people even use it to promote weight loss and better digestion.

valerian root

Valerian root controls tinnitus as it relieves inflammation. It is often used as a sleeping pill due to the sedative effect it contains, naturally reducing insomnia. Sometimes it helps with hyperactive behavior in children. Postmenopausal women can use valerian root to eliminate hot flashes, while people with OCD can reduce their symptoms.

oat straw

Oat straw reverses the effects of brain inflammation. More traditionally, oat straw reduces stress and anxiety, altering the balance of the brain. It achieves this balance by reducing the body’s ability to create phosphodiesterase type 4, an enzyme found only in immune cells. More research needs to be done to fully understand what oat straw can do, but some studies link it directly to a more balanced mood.

Other ingredients

With 21 additional ingredients, consumers will also notice the added protection against certain brain disorders.

Buy Renew Hearing Support

Renew Hearing Support is available on the official website; The company offers its customers three package options. Packages include:

  • Six bottles for $39.00 each + free shipping in the US
  • Three bottles for $49.00 each + free shipping in the US
  • One bottle for $69.00 each + free shipping in the US

All orders come with free shipping in the United States and a 60-day money-back guarantee. The Customer Service team can be contacted by emailing or calling ClickBank to initiate a refund at:

  • Product support: [email protected]
  • ClickBank Order Support: Toll Free: 1-800-390-6035 or International: +1 208-345-4245

Hearing Aid Renewal Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does the Renew Hearing Support supplement work?

A. The goal of Renew Hearing Support is to eliminate the inflammation that triggers tinnitus. The formula provides powerful nutrients known to support healing to achieve this effect.

Q. Can consumers take Renew Hearing Support while using other supplements?

A. Yes. Even though the Food and Drug Administration cannot approve the supplements, this remedy is made in a facility licensed to produce Renew Hearing Support. The point of this formula is to help users, regardless of condition or age, silence their tinnitus for good. It will not require any other changes, including therapy or diet.

Q. Why haven’t consumers seen Renew Hearing Support anywhere else?

A. The only place consumers can buy Renew Hearing Support is on the official website. The creators state that most major pharmaceutical companies do not want a solution like this formula available because it reduces their likelihood of spending money on drugs.

Q. Who is Renew Hearing Support for?

A. Renew Hearing Support works for all adults and is completely natural. The formula is for anyone who wants to eradicate tinnitus caused by inflammation.

Q. How long will users need to continue taking Renew Hearing Support to see results?

A. Renew Hearing Support gets to work immediately, which means users should see a difference quickly. However, it may take a few weeks for the inflammation to officially go away.

Q. What is the return policy for Renew Hearing Support?

A. This company offers a 60 day money back guarantee.


Renew Hearing Support offers consumers a formula that relieves the inflammation that triggers tinnitus. Many ingredients are associated with reduced BCI but provide other healing effects. While some elements are associated with anxiety reduction and relaxation, others support the immune system, providing a more comprehensive approach to healing. The formula is available in capsules and users will need to take it daily to experience healing.

If the user finds Renew Hearing Support is not a good option to cure inflammation and tinnitus, they can request a refund with the money back guarantee. Visit the official Renew Hearing support to get started today.


Michael A. May