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Ashbrook Audiology and Hearing Aid Centers Inc. is a local business serving the people of Southern Virginia for nearly 20 years. Audiologist Paul Ashbrook reflects his passion for helping people with their hearing needs at the top of the Ashbrook Audiology website, AshbrookAudiology.netwith the simple phrase “Where Relationships Matter”.

“My goal is that I want people to be able to hear – plain and simple. If they can’t hear, it’s no use to them. It’s no good to anyone else. So we want to make sure doing things right the first time for people,” Ashbrook said in a recent interview with the Star-Tribune. “We mainly provide hearing tests and hearing aids, things of that nature. , from a surgical point of view, would be more of an otolaryngology type situation, but we work very closely with these types of people for situations that may arise.

Ashbrook established Ashbrook Audiology and Hearing Aid Centers, Inc. in 2003 after working for several years with an otolaryngologist. The company offers two convenient locations in Martinsville and Danville for patients who may have hearing issues or issues with their hearing aids. The Martinsville office is located at 1111 Spruce St., while the Danville office is at 2801 Westover Drive.

In addition to Ashbrook, who is a Fellow of the American Academy of Audiology (FAAA), an audiology and hearing aid specialist, Ashbrook Audiology also includes Cindy Jones, also a hearing care professional who works alongside Ashbrook as a audiology assistant.

“We’ve been in business for almost twenty years as a real entity,” Ashbrook explained. “We’ve been serving Southside Virginia for 25, 26 years at this point, even when I was with ENT. We help people who need help with their hearing, earwax management, everything from custom impressions, custom ear tips, custom earplugs and bath plugs for people. Our main focus is hearing devices and providing hearing care to people.

“The Martinsville location was the first location. This is the one we opened first. We opened a stand-alone office here in Danville a few years later. We moved to the newest facility we’re in about four years ago, and we love the new location. It’s perfect for our needs and what we needed it for. So we’re excited about that.

Ashbrook Audiology and Hearing Aid Centers is the only such entity in Southern Virginia that works with all of the different third-party insurance programs. He cautions against companies providing “free hearing tests” due to the fact that insurers already cover patient hearing assessments.

“We can pretty much get hearing care benefits for just about anyone who walks through the door these days,” Ashbrook said. “One of the things I tell patients all the time is that if someone gives you a free test, run. Because all insurance pays for a hearing evaluation – they always have and they always will. Places that offer a free test usually aren’t qualified enough to drop your insurance for a hearing evaluation. That’s why they do a free test – to get you in. We don’t play that kind of game. games. We work through the insurance companies. It’s a medical issue, and we treat it like a medical issue.

Part of Ashbrook’s passion for helping people with hearing problems is the fact that he himself had to wear hearing aids for several years. Knowing how difficult day-to-day life can be with hearing problems – as well as the long-term problems that can result from hearing problems – motivates him to provide top-notch treatment for his patients.

“I wear hearing aids myself — I’ve had them for probably a good 20 years now — so I’ve been there. I’ve seen all the different technologies over the years come to fruition. I know what works and what doesn’t,” he said. “Hearing loss is definitely the biggest issue we deal with with our patients. But the big thing to understand is that people with uncorrected hearing loss are three to five times more likely to have Alzheimer’s and dementia problems because it affects the brain and how it works. It is therefore a very serious problem to correct your hearing – and to have it corrected correctly.

Ashbrook Audiology and Hearing Aid Centers pride themselves on not only providing top notch customer service, but also providing their patients with the best instruments on the market. Ashbrook is also renowned for its top-notch customer service, as it provides its patients with easy-to-understand explanations of their hearing issues, along with the best treatment.

“There’s a big difference between who provides hearing care services, and you have to be careful about where you go and what you get because it will make a huge difference,” Ashbrook explained. “Certainly, we are very customer-oriented, service-oriented. I have heard more than once from patients that our explanation of a hearing test, and what exactly is going on with their ears, is better than anything they have ever heard from anyone before. I only use the best products in the world because I only wear the best products in the world, and I have that ability. So I like to make sure my patients get the best products available, and do so with the best service and quality we can offer.

“Our mission at Ashbrook Audiology & Hearing Aid Centers, Inc. is to provide the best quality hearing care, services and products at the best value,” states the Ashbrook Audiology website. “All of this in a friendly, pressure-free environment to ensure you receive the best possible hearing ability that nature will allow. The professional staff at Ashbrook Audiology & Hearing Aid Centers, Inc. continually updates their skills through training and seminars. They always want to provide you with the best possible care and professionalism that they can. Your hearing is important to us.

Learn more about Ashbrook Audiology and Hearing Aid Centers at AshbrookAudiology.net.

Michael A. May