InComm Healthcare partners with TruHearing, enabling the integration of hearing services into healthcare delivery

According to a recent survey by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), more than half of adults report having hearing problems, but only 11% of these respondents have sought treatment. Financial limitations, including the cost of hearing treatment and lack of insurance or sufficient coverage, were cited as barriers for 44% of people with untreated hearing loss.

Through this partnership, the InComm Healthcare Benefit Card will be integrated with TruHearing’s proprietary benefits, provider and customer management platform, Echo, as a payment option for hearing aid products and services. .

InComm Healthcare provides healthcare plans with a program through which they can allocate funds to certain key healthcare benefits, such as:

  • OTC products
  • Healthy food
  • Dental, vision and hearing
  • Meals and products delivered to your home
  • Transport
  • Internet and utility bill payments
  • Home Care
  • Incentives and rewards

Health plans have the ability to combine multiple benefits on a single configurable card, and also benefit from comprehensive compliance reporting by benefit category, simplifying annual plan management.

Through TruHearing, covered members can access audiology exams from the largest national network of over 7,000 provider locations, as well as remote care and telehealth services, as well as hearing aids from six major hearing aid manufacturers. hearing aids around the world, helping members improve their health and quality of life. . People with untreated hearing loss often withdraw from social opportunities, which can lead to isolation, loneliness, and depression. Hearing health is also linked to overall health, and people with untreated hearing loss often have balance problems, leading to falls and increased healthcare costs. Access to hearing services encourages treatments that can prevent these risks.

“Adding TruHearing benefits to our network will further enhance the convenience we provide to health plans and their members through access to multiple in-demand benefits and services on a single card,” said Brian ParlottoExecutive Vice President at InComm Payments.

“We are excited to further enhance our strong hearing benefit solutions with new alternatives for healthcare plans by joining the InComm Healthcare network,” said tom macdonald, CEO of TruHearing. “This partnership further strengthens our mission to give people with hearing problems access to affordable diagnosis and treatment.”

InComm Healthcare currently serves more than 320 healthcare plans, reaching seven million cardholders. Cards from its product line are accepted at more than 62,000 points of sale, including national retailers and independent pharmacies. Learn more about InComm Payments healthcare and benefits incentives:

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TruHearing is the number one market leader in hearing health benefits, serving more than 160 million people nationwide. With a highly qualified network of hearing care providers combined with the widest and most technologically advanced selection of hearing aids, premium service, and before and after care support, TruHearing offers the best value and the best service to payers and people with hearing health problems. Based at Draper, Utah, TruHearing has been reconnecting people to the richness of life through cutting-edge hearing care solutions for over 18 years and has been recognized as a “Best Place to Work” in the state for five consecutive years. For more information visit:

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