CSD Graduate Students Provide Speech-Language Pathology and Hearing Services in Central Illinois – News

Illinois State University graduate speech-language pathology and audiology students have an assortment of offsite clinical opportunities in central Illinois. These opportunities arise in a variety of settings to provide students with a diverse range of experiences as they prepare to become practicing clinicians.

Some of these facilities include Heritage Health Therapy and Senior Care, The Autism Place, Advocate BroMenn Medical Center, Central Illinois Institute of Balance, Activity and Recreation Center (ARC), and many local preschools and elementary schools.

These opportunities allow students to apply the knowledge they have gained through their academic work and clinical experiences in the State of Illinois to real-world customers, patients, and students. It also allows graduate students in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD) to determine and narrow down their professional interests, in a very broad and diverse field.

Specifically, two graduate speech-language pathology students provide weekly speech-language pathology services at LeRoy Elementary School. These students apply the course and clinic content they learned at Illinois State, while managing a group therapy session. This first-hand experience highlights the importance of organization, preparation and data collection in order to effectively provide appropriate and differentiated treatment.

“I appreciate the opportunity to meet a variety of students with varying needs and learn what can be done through RTI (response to intervention),” said graduate student Anna Yates.

“I am grateful to have gained valuable clinical experience in an environment filled with kind and welcoming students and staff,” said graduate student Karrighan Quick.

To learn more about clinical opportunities available through CSD, email Clinic Director Heidi Verticchio.

Michael A. May